Mercantile Exchange Corporation employs the highest compliance standards and procedures in an effort to combat the threat of global money laundering and terrorist financing activities. Our compliance team is committed to integrating and executing best practices AML (anti-money laundering) risk management policies and procedures, ensuring that all suspicious transactions are detected, prevented and reported. We pride ourselves on creating a schema of policies that are congruent to the efficacy of laws within the jurisdictions we conduct business.

Mercantile Exchange Corporation maintains a strong commitment to upholding compliance quality assurance best practices through our partnership with Lexis Nexis and ESC Corporate Services, a leader in AML risk management and due diligence screening, establishes Mercantile Exchange Corporation as a trusted business leader.

Security of Your Payments

Mercantile Exchange Corporation’s intermediary banks are members of the global SWIFT interbank network comprised of over 9,000 financial institutions in 200+ countries. Their tier status guarantees that your payments are made swiftly, securely, and seamlessly.

Secure Electronic Payments

SSL (secure socket layer) technology safeguards information against interception and decryption. Mercantile Online ensures that information is communicated via SSL 128-bit security channels, which guarantees a secure hosting site for your financial details.