For over 20 years, Mercantile Exchange has provided currency exchange services and online payment solutions to businesses in the travel industry.
We know that you need to make frequent – and sometimes small – payments to vendors and suppliers. You need ready access to foreign currency sometimes in a heartbeat, and we can help you with that.

Our currency exchange and online payment services include

Spot Orders

When you need money immediately to fulfill an invoice or pay a supplier

Forward Contracts

When you anticipate a big invoice and you want to benefit from a good exchange rate

Market Orders

Place an order to buy a currency when it hits a certain level – 24 hours a day

Global Payments

Use our network of banks worldwide to ensure timely payment to your suppliers

Mercantile Online

Set up an online account with 24/7 access. Manage your money, your way.

Why Choose Mercantile Exchange?

Quick, Low Fee Payments

Competition in the travel industry is intense and FX costs can quickly chip away at margins.  With Mercantile you can ensure your partners abroad get paid quickly and you retain more of the profit.

Experts and Expertise

Mercantile Exchange has over 20 years of experience in foreign exchange and global online payment systems. Our experts will share their knowledge and best advice so you get the best value for money.  

Personalized Service

You will have access to your own currency and online payment expert, and learn how our services can save you money in the current economy.

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