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In partnership with Export Development Canada (EDC) Mercantile conceived and developed the EDC no deposit forwards program which allows exporters to book forwards without the usual deposit. If you have an export component to your business, you now can protect yourself against currency volatility, without tying up working capital. Ask us. We can give you a hand up.

Premium Service for Exporters

There are enough risks, in running an export business. Any market for goods and services can ebb and flow. There is potential for technical error, human error or system error to thwart the best laid plans. There is worry about whether what you get paid has been worth the effort. You should eliminate currency risk.

Hands down, one of the best offers ever extended to an exporter comes from an initiative pioneered by Mercantile Exchange, in concert with EDC.

Book Forward Contracts, Without the Usual Margin Deposit

We now are able to book forward contracts for a qualified exporter without the usual margin deposit. The risk on such forward contracts is limited, under our agreement with EDC. Only under conditions of extreme volatility would a margin deposit be requested, with that deposit returned to you on the final settlement date.

You protect against a possible foreign exchange loss. You gain the financial capacity to enter into a Foreign Exchange Forward Contract – itself an extra signal of business worthiness. You free up working capital, without the additional cost of borrowing. Your existing bank operating lines are preserved. You focus on conquering new markets, while protecting profits from international sales.

No Additional Fees, and get a Straightforward Approval

Best of all there is no additional fee for this Guarantee. Any associated wire transfers, cheques or deliveries are included. The exchange rate that we quote is the final amount you pay.

Pre-approval for this program requires completion of an EDC standard document and a request form from Mercantile Exchange that asks for simple business information. Should you need guidance or have questions, contact us and we can help.

The Export Guarantee Program is a show of confidence in your ability to compete in international markets. Its introduction adds a new dimension of flexibility to your management of working capital. It removes the foreign exchange risk from settlement exposure. It’s a capability worth securing and just another way in which Mercantile Exchange lends a hand.

If you are an importer, we now can offer the same sort of service to you

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