Secure Online Payment Solutions for your International Clients

As a law firm dealing with international clients, you need foreign currency exchange services and a secure way to make online payments, often to multiple beneficiaries.

Using Mercantile Exchange services, you can simplify your processes with these offerings

International Payments to Foreign Associates

Mercantile Online - Use our online services for 24/7 access to your account

Foreign Exchange Holding Accounts

Forward Contracts

Automated Beneficiary Email Notification – Buy your currency and direct payment to your client in one transaction

Why Choose Mercantile Exchange?

Savings on Services

We offer a variety of settlement methods which allow you to get the funds where they need to be as inexpensively as possible.
These can add up to big savings when you have got scores of overseas beneficiaries or need to fund an international office (think payroll or rent).

Expand Your Reach

Many clients require legal services in multiple jurisdictions. Contract with law firms abroad and have confidence that the funds will arrive quickly and securely. Borders should not impact the service you can provide your clients.

Expert Advice

You will have access to a currency and online payment expert, and learn how our services can save you money in the current economy.

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