Foreign Currency Online Payment Solutions for Importers and Exporters

It can be a challenge to manage your foreign currency costs, avoid high bank fees and protect yourself from market volatility.

At Mercantile FX, we can help you with both.

All Your Currency and Online Payment Needs in One Place

Any business operating in the global marketplace requires multiple products to efficiently and cost-effectively manage diverse foreign currency transactions. At Mercantile Exchange we provide you a dedicated currency trader who works with you – one specialist who will learn all about your business.

With a deep understanding of market and your business, this trader will then create currency and payment solutions to match your business needs.

Helping Your Margins

We offer many options to ensure you do not risk your profit margins – use our forward contracts to lock in an exchange rate that you like, or get a competitive rate on a spot order when you have an urgent payment. Avoid currency volatility with forward contracts or market orders. Then pay your suppliers directly with our Global Payments.

Mercantile Exchange Offers Competitive Rates and Low Fees

Avoid banks’ high markups on currency exchange. Lower your costs. Improve your bottom line.

Mercantile Online

With Mercantile Online you can open accounts in multiple currencies and send cross-currency international wires at your convenience. Your system will be fast, secure and easy to implement – free of charge, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Why Choose Mercantile Exchange?

Experts and Expertise

Mercantile Exchange has over 23 years of experience in foreign exchange and global online payment systems. Our experienced currency traders share knowledge and skills that ensure you get the best value for money.  

Competitive Rates

Our rates are competitive and we maintain low or no fees on our foreign currency and payment products and services.  

Personalized service

You will have on-demand access to a dedicated currency trader who knows your business well enough to create currency and payment solutions that match your business needs.  Our high level of service is why we can proudly claim to have grown alongside our clients for decades.

Start Saving Today

Connect with a Mercantile Expert. Learn how you can streamline your everyday foreign currency and global payment transactions.

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