Helping Charities Deliver on Their Mission Worldwide

Are you looking for secure online payments or competitive foreign exchange rates? We have both for you.

We understand how important it is to manage operating efficiency for your charity to ensure as much revenue as possible can be directed into the programs and services you deliver.

If you are a charity with projects around the world, you likely have some complex foreign exchange and international payment needs. Mercantile Exchange can help you with:

Competitive foreign exchange rates

Paying your suppliers in local currency

Transferring your donor funds to projects quickly and securely

Why Charities Choose Mercantile Exchange

Send More Charitable Dollars Abroad

You have hosted an event and raised $100,000CAD. But you need to transfer the funds to your US partner for a project in Bolivia. We will work with you to secure the best possible rate so more of the money you worked hard to raise gets to the people that need it most.

Get Expert Advice from Your Dedicated Currency Trader

You are charity, not necessarily a currency expert but your work requires you deal in foreign currency and send funds abroad. We will help you make decisions on when to send funds, how to hedge against currency volatility, and offer you competitive rates on currency.  

Mercantile Online – A Cost-Effective Online Solution for Foreign Exchange and Worldwide Payments

Set up accounts in multiple currencies and send cross currency international wires 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

There is absolutely no service charge to maintain accounts or have unlimited access to Mercantile Online. And we offer wire and cheque payments at a very competitive price.

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