Foreign Currency and Payment Services for Accounting Firms

Mercantile Exchange helps accounting firms support financial transactions for businesses operating in the global market.

As an accounting firm you may need to streamline foreign payment solutions and reduce your administrative costs.

With Mercantile Exchange services you can

Use Mercantile Online for Foreign AR and AP outsourcing solutions

Send wires online from anywhere in the world 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

Set up foreign exchange holding accounts in multiple currencies free of charge

Track, document and record accounting data seamlessly online

Why Choose Mercantile Exchange?

Better Rates than Banks – no extra bank charges either

Banks often add 2-3% premium on foreign currency exchange. And bank fees further push your costs up. With MercFX, you can lower costs significantly.

Save Time

Streamline your transactions. Document, track and record your accounting info all in one place.

Personalized Support, Tailored Solutions

Work with a dedicated currency and online solution expert. S/he will help you design the portfolio of services you need.  

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