Spot Orders – Money When You Need It

A spot order is an order for foreign currency that you need right now to fulfill an invoice or make a payment to a supplier. Spot simply refers to buying money on the spot. Such orders can be settled the same day, or anytime within the next 48 hours.

No Fuss – No Worry Transactions

Call to place an order with your dedicated currency trader, who will buy the currency for you and help you obtain the best possible rate
Our broad range of payment options means we can arrange settlement quickly and efficiently in order to expedite your payments.

Direct to Your Supplier or to You – You Decide

With Mercantile Exchange, you can send the currency directly to your supplier or client – or have the currency deposited into your account so you can disburse the funds at your convenience.

We offer consistently competitive rates for spot orders.

Mercantile Exchange has fulfilled hundreds of thousands of spot orders at competitive rates for over 20 years.

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