Mercantile Online – Manage Your Global Business – Your Way

Our clients who want to save money and use a hands-on approach to handling foreign currency and global payments use our Mercantile Online service.

Perform all the transactions our traders do

With Mercantile Online, your Accounts Payable department, accountant or bookkeeper have online access to buy and sell currency and send payments or transfer funds 24/7.

Set up accounts in multiple currencies free of charge and send international wires 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Start by setting up a Mercantile Online account – free of charge.

Work with your trader to create wire transfer templates with ease.

Send them anywhere, anytime, in any currency.

Send instant e-mail confirmations to you and your beneficiaries.

Receive and maintain balances in as many different currencies as you like, and convert them only when the exchange rate is favorable to you.

Instruct your clients overseas to send their payments directly to your free Mercantile Online account.

Hold funds on deposit, as long as you wish, until you have the need to use it.

There is absolutely no service charge to maintain accounts or have unlimited access to Mercantile Online. And we offer wire payments at a very competitive price.

Develop a strategy, then execute

Your dedicated currency trader has one goal – to ensure your business succeeds in your chosen market.

Your trader is always just a phone call away. They will help you develop a proactive FX strategy and ensure you are protected every step of the way, and Mercantile Online is there to help you execute on that strategy quickly and easily, 24/7.

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