Market Orders – Peace of Mind when Markets Are Volatile

Market orders give you the opportunity to take advantage of buying opportunities when currency markets are volatile.

Placing an order with your currency trader can help you to meet your target rate even when markets are volatile, since your order is constantly monitored.

Big Invoice Coming Due Soon? Place a Market Order to Pay at the Rate You Name

When you place a market order at a rate you choose, we will watch the market and automatically buy or sell the currency for you at your target rate if/when the market hits it. Let us do the work for you while you focus on your other priorities – that way you will get the rate you are looking for without having to spend your time constantly monitoring exchange rates.

Let your dedicated currency trader know when an upcoming invoice is due, and they will be pleased to discuss current market conditions and how upcoming economic events may create opportunities for you to save on your exchange costs.

Get the target rate automatically 24/7

We can even place overnight orders that will be automatically filled on other exchanges when Mercantile is closed.

If your rate has not reached when your order expires, your currency trader will reach out to you. You can then decide if you want the funds immediately, at the best possible rate.

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