Global Payments – Affordable, Seamless Payments Worldwide

Our Global Payments process can get your money anywhere – when you need it.

Do you have lots of small invoices due all over the world? A few large invoices payable in little-known markets?

Whether it is across the globe or just over the border choosing the right settlement method ensures your funds arrive quickly and safely.

Mercantile Exchange has access to over 200 countries. With our expertise and network of beneficiary banks, we can ensure that your funds arrive quickly and securely. You will immediately get an email confirmation that funds are on the way to provide you and your beneficiary peace of mind.

Pay your suppliers directly

When you combine global payments and foreign currency exchange services – you save time and money.

Use our foreign currency exchange service together with global payment services and send the funds directly from you to your beneficiary or supplier. It couldn’t be easier or faster.

Less Costly Than Banks

Mercantile Exchange’s global payments consistently cost our clients less than any bank.

Find out how.

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