Forward Contracts

Lock in Your Rates; Be Certain About Your Future Costs and Profits

With a forward contract, you can purchase a foreign currency for a future date. Your forward contract helps you to project – and protect – your future costs for purchases, and revenues for sales.

Forward contracts can be booked out as far as 12 months.

Less worry to you

Less risk – more predictability on the cost side of doing business.

Let’s say you have a USD dollar invoice due in September but it is only April. By buying a forward contract, you can lock into an exchange rate.

What’s so great about that?

You will know the final cost of a foreign purchase without having to worry about fluctuating currency exchange.

Cost projections are more accurate. No need to worry about volatile currency fluctuations.

Improved Flexibility

Choose When to Execute an Open Window Forward Contract

You can also purchase a forward contract with an open window. With an open window, you can choose when to execute – offering you even more flexibility and security for making global foreign currency payments.


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